La Marca

In 2007 the Quinta Essentia Quartet won the Stimulus Music Award from the Secretary of State for Culture in São Paulo, enabling us to record the album La Marca. Choosing the repertoire for a recording is something that is always difficult, therefore we tried to find the answer to the question “ but what, in fact, de we wish to leave as a record?” It wasn’t easy to answer this. We came to the conclusion that we would record our hallmark sound: a recorder quartet, with different instruments, differing musical styles and a large amount of good music in our heads.

La Marca is a showcase of the possibilities of our instrument. The recorder is an instrument that gives us the opportunity to travel through many different genres and musical styles. It is a melodic instrument that joins forces with its family to deliver harmony and to facilitate splendid musical performance.

Tarquinio Merula (1595 – 1665) La Merula
Adriano Banchieri (1568 – 1634) Canzona sesta L’Alcenagina (1596)
Tarquinio Merula (1595 – 1665) La Marca
Adriano Banchieri (1568 – 1634) Canzona decima La Feliciana (1596)
William Byrd (1543 – 1623) Sermone Blando
Diomedes Cato (1560/1565 – ca.1618) Fantasia Cromática a 4
Jan Pieterzoon Sweelinck (1562 – 1621) Mein Junges Leben hat ein End’
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier (1689 – 1755) Sonata 5 (1731)
Henry Purcell (1659 – 1695) Chaconne
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1767) Concerto em Fá Maior
Pe. José Maurício Nunes Garcia (1767 – 1830) Immutemur Habitu
Julio Bellodi Sonho Novo (2007)
Claudio Menandro Descascando Uva (2007)
Pixinguinha (1897 – 1973) Um a Zero (1946)